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How to write a 5 paragraph Essay

How to write a 5 paragraph Essay

5 paragraph essay

Are you looking for how to write a 5-paragraph essay? You are at the right place. A 5-paragraph essay has an introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. You can use this article as a guide when writing a 5 paragraph essay.

Various types of essays can be written in 5 paragraphs and they include expository essay which explains a particular topic, narrative essay which gives a narration about a story, descriptive essay which describes a specific character, argumentative essay which argues for or against a particular issue and a compare and contrast essay which compares between two or more points. When assigned an essay the essay type may not be stated but the above types can be written in a 5-paragraph essay.

The format of a 5 paragraph essay

You be wondering, what is the format for a 5-paragraph essay? The format is shown below:

a) Choose a good topic

When writing a 5 paragraph essay you are either assigned a topic or you choose the topic for yourself. If you are required to choose the topic, you should choose a topic that you clearly understand and can compose a good essay about it. If you are assigned questions to write your essay on, the topic should align with those questions. You should always ensure the topic is not too long or complex.

b) Write a research outline

You should research the topic of your essay using credible academic materials like books, theories, journals, or the internet. Then note down key points from the research on the research outline. You will the points from the research outline as a guide once you start writing your essay.

c) Write the introduction paragraph

The introduction paragraph describes what your essay is about. You should start with a hook to grab the reader’s attention. You should then give a brief description of your topic and write a compelling thesis statement that shows the reader what your essay will entail. The thesis statement should be the last sentence in the introduction paragraph.

Always ensure your introduction gives the reader adequate information on what the essay will entail. Although avoid over-explanation, leave the in-depth information for the body paragraphs. You can briefly mention the various key points that you will describe in the body paragraphs. You should ensure that the introduction paragraph is well-written since it sets the tone for the whole essay.

d) Write the body paragraphs

A 5-paragraph essay has 3 body paragraphs that explain the topic of the essay in depth. Each paragraph should be well structured. You should start each paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the paragraph’s key point, then write mid-sentence that has supporting evidence of the paragraph’s key point, and finally write the conclusion sentence that summarizes the entire paragraph.

You can start a paragraph with a transition word like ‘in other words’, ‘in addition’, or ‘although’ if the paragraph is going to have more information about the previous paragraph’s subject. You should always have academic facts that support your paragraph and correctly cite them. All your citations should be written following the writing format instructed to use.

e) Write the conclusion

The conclusion of a 5-paragraph essay should summarize the whole essay. You should not bring new information in the conclusion, it should be mainly a summation of all the key points. You should give a call to action in the conclusion if your essay was discussing a particular issue. End the conclusion with a concluding idea on the topic or a question to give the reader something to think about.

f) Write the references

The references are the academic sources that you cited your work from. They should be written following the academic writing format you were instructed to use.

g) Proofread your work

After completing your 5-paragraph essay, you should proofread your work twice to remove any errors. You should also run your essay on Grammarly to remove any wording errors or any mistakes you did not remove when proofreading.

Using the above 5-paragraph essay format you should be able to compose a good 5- paragraph essay. A 5-paragraph essay mainly requires you to properly organize your essay’s ideas from the introduction through the body to the conclusion.

How do you write a 5 paragraph example?

Below is a 5 paragraph essay example:

Should Alternative Medicine be Implemented in Healthcare?

Alternative medicine should be implemented in healthcare since it uses natural methods and it offers a holistic approach. It focuses on promoting the body’s natural ability to heal itself through energy alignment, herbal supplementation, and other balancing approaches (Kisling & Stiegmann 2019). This means that the entire body, rather than simply a certain section of it, is to be treated. Although it has these positive effects, there has been little scientific investigation and it requires long-term administration. However, its benefits outweigh its disadvantages, and it should be implemented in primary healthcare to enhance health outcomes.

Alternative medicine uses a healthy, natural approach and is composed of substances that are non-toxic to the body, such as herbs and oils hence it is preferable to use it instead of conventional treatment, which has adverse effects. In contrast to conventional medicine, alternative medicine looks for natural, long-lasting treatments for a person’s illness (Molokhia & Majeed, 2017). As a result, using alternative medicine shields the body against toxins included in conventional medication.

Alternative medicine provides care for the entire body, taking into account factors such as the patient’s mental, spiritual, and physical health that may have contributed to the illness. The focus of alternative medicine practitioners is on the patient’s lifestyle and habits rather than the ailment itself (Barcan, 2020). This supports the idea that leading a healthy lifestyle results in a long life, hence to heal physically, one must also heal mentally and physically.

However, since there is minimum research on alternative medicine and minimum scientific evidence, patients may delay taking conventional medications, which may exacerbate their condition or possibly cause them to die if the alternative treatment is ineffective. For instance, a delay in receiving standard medical care can cause the cancer to advance and spread to more organs (Grodzinski et al., 2019). Delaying the use of conventional cancer treatment can harm other sections of the body and result in death therefore adequate research on alternative medicine is required for patients using it to get the proper treatment and avoid death.

Finally, alternative medicine is beneficial to patients’ health since it restores the entire body, contains no toxins that could have negative side effects, and strengthens the immune system as a whole. However, it has an impact on clinical practice since patients may not receive the proper care, deteriorating their condition. By the time they seek out regular medicine, the illness may be in its terminal stages and may be difficult to treat, resulting in death. Therefore, for alternative medicine to be more effective, the government should fund and promote its scientific research. Would switch to alternative medicine since it has more benefits?

After you complete the 5-paragraph essay you should list down the references according to the format instructed to use. The example above answers your queries on ‘how do you write a 5-paragraph example?’

Frequently asked questions about a 5-paragraph essay

a) How long is a 5-paragraph essay?

A 5 paragraph essay is composed of an introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. The length of the essay depends on the number of words the essay should contain. Most preferably a 5- paragraph essay should not be too long, strategically analyze your ideas and be precise.

c) What is an example of a 5-paragraph sentence?

A-5 paragraph essay paragraphs mainly have three sentences. A topic sentence that introduces the key subject of the paragraph, a middle sentence that has evidence-based information that supports the key subject, and a conclusion sentence that summarizes the whole paragraph. For instance, in the paragraph below:

Alternative medicine provides care for the entire body, taking into account factors such as the patient’s mental, spiritual, and physical health that may have contributed to the illness (This is the topic sentence). The focus of alternative medicine practitioners is on the patient’s lifestyle and habits rather than the ailment itself (Barcan, 2020) (This is the middle sentence). This supports the idea that leading a healthy lifestyle results in a long life, hence to heal physically, one must also heal mentally and physically (This is the conclusion sentence).

c) What writing format should you use when writing a 5- paragraph sentence?

You should always use the instructed format when writing the 5-paragraph essay. The writing formats include APA format, MLA format, Harvard format, Chicago format, and Turabian format.

To sum up!

Writing a 5-paragraph essay is part of coursework in various fields of study. You can use this article as a guide to writing a good 5-paragraph essay. If you need someone to write your 5-paragraph essay for you, we provide essay writing services.

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