Privacy policy

General information

Welcome to our website privacy policy page! By using our website, you provide us with your personal information. We can improve our services for you even more if you provide us with your information with us. For example, we can help you connect with people, show you appropriate search results and adverts, or enhance sharing with others. Through this privacy policy statement, you will understand how information is used by our services and how to preserve your privacy as you use them. We ask that you carefully read this since it is very important. Keep in mind that you can access options to handle your information and safeguard your privacy.

Right to data access, rectification, deletion, and opposition to processing

Our clients can seek access to, rectification of, and deletion of their data as well as the right to object to its processing in writing at any time. The Company goes to great lengths to install the necessary safeguards to protect the safety and privacy of personal information and to keep it from being changed, interfered with, damaged, or retrieved by unauthorized third parties. The Company cautions Site visitors about any potential hazards associated with how the Internet works and is used since it cannot completely control all associated risks. In addition, links to other websites or other online resources may be found on the Site. The Company cannot manage these websites and external links and its not liable to any adverts or content from these sources.

Control over personal information

In most of our services, you can access or change your personal information online. Additionally, you have an option in how we gather and use your personal information. Depending on the services you use, you may be able to access or modify your personal information. You can decide if you want to receive marketing materials from our website via email, postal mail, SMS, or phone. If you would want to stop receiving marketing emails or SMS from us, simply follow the instructions in the message. By logging into the Company Promotional Communications Manager, you can control your contact preferences, unsubscribe from email subscriptions, and decide whether to share your contact information with any of our partners. You can also decide whether to receive marketing emails, calls, and postal mail. Some website services that feature mandatory service communications are free from these restrictions.

Information That We Gather

To run efficiently and give you the best possible service, our store gathers data. Personal account creation is one instance when you directly submit part of this information. We gather some of it by observing how you use our services, for instance, by utilizing cookie technology and by obtaining usage or fault reports from apps that operate on your device. We also get information from outside sources, like other businesses. As an illustration, we add to the data we gather by buying demographic information from other businesses. To tailor some services to your area, we also use third-party services to assist us in determining your location as per your IP address.

How we use your data

Our website utilizes the information we gather primarily for three things: running our business, providing the services we offer, sending communications, and displaying advertising. To provide you with a smoother, more uniform, and more customized experience, we merge the data we gather from the many internet services you use for these objectives. However, to improve privacy, we have technological and administrative safeguards put in that are intended to stop specific data combinations. For instance, we save the information we get about you when you are not logged in apart from any account data that identifies you, like your name, email address, or telephone number.

Sharing your data

We only share your personal information with your permission or as required to carry out any transaction or render any service you have ordered or authorized. For instance, we only share your data with third parties at your request. When you give payment information to pay for an order, we share such information with banks and other organizations that handle payment processing, as well as for fraud protection and credit risk management.

We also distribute personal information to our subsidiaries and controlled entities. Additionally, for the reasons outlined in this statement, we divulge personal information to agents operating on our behalf. For instance, businesses that we have contracted with to support customer service or safeguard and secure our systems operations and services may require access to personal information to carry out their duties. These businesses cannot use the personal information they obtain from us for other purposes and are subject to our data privacy rules in such circumstances. In the course of a corporate transaction, like a merger, we might also reveal personal information.