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Essay writing tips

Below are essay writing tips:

a) Carry out research

When assigned an essay, you should carry out research to understand what your essay should entail. Use books, journals, or internet blogs to do your research. You should make sure you clearly understand your essay’s topic or questions before you start writing your essay. After conducting the research, note down the key points from the research that will help you when you start writing your essay.

b) Write a good topic and introduction

The topic of your essay shows what your essay is about. It should be precise and easy to understand. You should avoid writing very long topics for your essay. In addition, you should not use complex words in your topic, be clear and to the point.

The introduction of your essay sets the tone for the entire essay. You should ensure it is interesting by using catchy paraphrases. In the introduction, explain briefly what your essay is about and make a stand on what your essay will entail in the last sentence of the introduction which is the thesis statement.

c) Write the body

The body expounds on the topic of your essay. You describe all the information about your essay in the body. You should correctly structure your paragraphs by having an introduction sentence that introduces the paragraph, a mid-sentence that explains the paragraph in detail, and a concluding sentence that completes the paragraph. Each paragraph should have a different key point on your essay’s topic.

d) Write a good conclusion

The conclusion is the summary of the essay. You should write a good conclusion giving recommendations about your essay’s topic or call to action if your essay’s topic was on a particular issue facing society. You should not introduce new points to the conclusion. You should always ensure your conclusion is a brief sum-up of your essay.

e) Proofread and submit

Once you are done writing your essay, you should proofread it at least twice to avoid any mistakes. You should also run it on Grammarly to remove any mistakes you missed while proofreading or to correct your wording errors. After proofreading, submit your work for marking.

Using the above writing tips for essays, you will be able to compose a good essay. You should always ensure your essay is originally done. Avoid copy-pasting since once you are detected that you copied your work you can suffer academic repercussions.

College essay writing tips

College essay writing tips are similar to the above essay writing tips although they have a slight difference. For a college essay, you are supposed to use a specific format while writing your essay. It could be either APA format, Chicago format, MLA format, Harvard format, or Turabian format. The writing format is given when you are assigned your essay assignment and you should follow it all through when writing your essay. You should not mix one writing format with another.

Another tip for writing college essay is that you should properly cite your essay. The citation should be according to the writing format instructed to use. You should also correctly write all the references using the correct format. Always ensure your work is written from scratch and all the given instructions are followed.

Argumentative Essay writing tips

An argumentative essay entails a particular issue that you argue for or against. This is where you give evidence-based information regarding why you support the issue or why you are against the issue. When writing an argumentative essay, you should state your stand on the topic you are writing the argumentative essay on the thesis statement which is the last sentence in the introduction paragraph.

Your argumentative essay should have paragraphs of three sentences explaining your point of view on that particular issue. You should give evidence that supports your claim on the issue by using citations from credible academic sources. Always ensure you have one stand all through your argumentative essay.

The length of your argumentative essay depends on the number of words your essay should consist of. You should have an introduction paragraph where you explain both sides of the argumentative topic and you state whether you argue for or against it, then write the body which consists of several paragraphs explaining your stand on the issue then conclude by writing a conclusion giving a summary of your essay recommendation on the issue you were discussing.

Tips on writing a narrative essay

A narrative essay entails a narration on a particular topic. The tips for writing a narrative essay are similar to the tips for writing an essay. When writing a narrative essay, you should have a good topic for your essay, research your topic and note down key points, write a good introduction to catch the reader’s attention, write the body with several paragraphs where each paragraph has a unique point, and write the conclusion by summarizing your entire narrative essay.

When writing your narrative essay, you should describe your characters or topic and why it is important in the introduction. The body paragraphs should describe the characters or the topic in depth. Then the conclusion should sum up your whole narration.

Common app essay writing tips

Below are common app essay tips:

a) Choose a good topic

When writing your common app essay, you should have a good topic. The common app essay is your personal statement that describes you therefore the topic should be very authentic. It should also be interesting and not too long.

b) Choose the best common app essay prompts

Common app essay has various prompts you choose from. You should ensure you choose the prompt that you are sure of presenting yourself with. Whether it’s about your achievements or experiences that made an impact on your life. The prompt you choose is what your entire common essay app will entail so ensure it’s the version of yourself that you would like the college admission board to know about you.

c) Write a detailed common app essay

You should write a detailed common app essay giving examples from your personal life experience. You should maintain authenticity throughout your essay. Avoid using complex, offensive, or cliché terms. You also avoid writing a long common app essay, it should have a maximum of 500 words. Always make sure you stand by writing an interesting common app essay

d) Proofread, ask for feedback, and submit

When you complete writing your common app essay, proofread it several to remove any mistakes. Ask two people to read it and give you feedback on places that need improvement. One person should have good expertise in essay writing and the other should be your close friend or family member. After getting the feedback do the necessary corrections and submit your common app essay.

Using these common app essay tips, you will be able to write a good common app essay that will give you a chance at your dream college. Follow each of them when writing your essay and you will compose a good common app essay. We can also write your personal statement that will give you an opportunity at the college of your choice.

Scholarship essay tips

Below are the scholarship essay writing tips:

a) Read and understand all the requirements

Before you start writing your scholarship essay, you should read and understand whether you meet all the requirements for the scholarship. If you meet them, you then research the organization giving the scholarship and learn about it and what may be required in your application.

b) Write a good scholarship essay

When writing your scholarship essay, you should choose a topic that you are passionate about, write an interesting introduction using a catchy phrase and explaining why you need the scholarship and your various past achievements, then write detailed body paragraphs stating your personal experiences, and give your real-life examples and finally write a conclusion stating why you deserve the scholarship and the impact it will make in your life.

Always be positive throughout your scholarship essay, if you are describing past difficult experiences you should also state how you overcome them. You should conclude your scholarship essay with a memorable sentence.

c) Proofread and submit

Once you complete your scholarship essay, you should proofread it several times to avoid any errors. You should also run it on Grammarly to remove any wording mistakes. In addition, give it to your friend to read it and give you feedback on areas that need improvements before submitting it. Do the necessary corrections and then submit your scholarship essay.

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