What essay types do you offer?

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As a student, you are assigned different types of essays as part of your coursework. Sometimes when you are assigned the essay assignment, the essay type is not stated. We are experienced in essay writing hence we know all the type of essays even though it is not mentioned in the essay assignment. The common essay types include narrative essays, argumentative essays, persuasive essays, expository essays, and descriptive essays. Regardless of your essay type, we will compose a good essay for you.

Expository essay help

We provide expository essay help. An expository essay is an essay that requires you to explain a particular topic. This type of essay is common in your coursework. You are supposed to show your understanding of the topic in the essay. Below is the format we use when writing an expository essay:

a) We conduct a research

When we get an expository essay order, we conduct research to understand the topic of study before writing the essay. We write down the information from the research on an essay outline that we use when we start writing the essay. We use credible academic sources for the research like books, theories, journals, or internet blogs.

b) We write the introduction

The introduction of an expository essay shows what the essay will entail. We introduce the topic of study and write a thesis statement that shows what the essay will talk about. We always make the introduction interesting to catch the reader’s attention.

c) We write the body

The body of an expository essay gives an extensive explanation of the topic. We write in paragraphs and the number of paragraphs depends on the length of the essay. In each paragraph, we introduce a new key point on the essay’s topic. The paragraphs have an introductory sentence that introduces the paragraph, a mid-sentence that expounds the paragraph, and a conclusion senescence that concludes the paragraph.

d) We write the conclusion and references

The conclusion of an expository essay gives a summary of the whole essay. We do not introduce new information in the conclusion. We give recommendations if the topic was about solving a particular issue. After the conclusion, we write the references below it showing the academic sources we cited the essay from.

e) We proofread and then submit the essay

After we have completed the expository essay, we proofread it twice to remove any mistakes and also run it on Grammarly to remove any errors that were missed when proofreading. We then submit the essay.

Our expository essay help is trustworthy and we write original essays. We always adhere to each instruction when writing your essay. We deliver your order on time and we offer free revisions if needed.

Argumentative essay writing help

We offer argumentative essay writing help. When writing an argumentative essay, you are required to choose a stance, whether you argue for or against a particular issue. When writing an argumentative essay, we write a clear thesis statement explaining our stance on the argument.

We write an argumentative essay following the expository essay format above. When writing the essay, we give evidence-based information that supports our stance on the argument. We give academic facts from primary and secondary sources of data that show why we stand for or against the issue of discussion.

We write argumentative essays adhering to all instructions and the academic specifications of your field of study. Our argumentative essay writing help is available 24/7 and we are always ready to take your order and work on it at all times. We write your argumentative essay to your satisfaction.

Narrative essay help

We offer narrative essay help. When writing a narrative essay, you give a narration about your life. This could be your past experiences, achievements, or future goals. You are required to creatively write your narration.

When writing a narrative essay, we choose a good topic for the essay if the topic is not stated, we write an interesting introduction that catches the reader’s attention, we then write the body paragraphs explaining the theme of the topic in-depth and we finally write the conclusion which summarizes the whole essay.

Our narrative essay help provides narrative essays for college applications. We write your college application narrative essay that will give you an opportunity to the college of your dreams. Use our narrative essay help today and you will appreciate our help.

Descriptive essay help

Descriptive essays entail in-depth descriptions of a place, an object, an experience, or a topic. When writing a descriptive essay, we describe the subject of discussion creatively and paint a picture in writing of the character we are writing the essay on. We make the essay interesting by using figurative language like metaphors.

The format of writing a descriptive essay is similar to the expository essay above although a descriptive essay is mainly a description of a particular character. A common type of descriptive essay is composition writing in high school and university.

When you use our coursework writing help, you are assured to perform well in your essays. We write descriptive essays for all education levels, whether you are a high school student or a university student, we got you covered. We write A-grade descriptive essays.

Persuasive essay writing services

We offer persuasive essay writing services. Persuasive essays entail evidence-based information that is made to persuade the reader to a specific point of view. When writing a persuasive essay, we present facts from credible academic sources that show a particular view on the topic of study. Persuasive essays are similar to argumentative essays since you have to make a stance on what to persuade the reader on.

The format of writing persuasive essays is similar to expository essays above and they should have a well-written thesis statement that shows your stand on the topic of discussion. When writing a persuasive essay, we stick to the same point of view from the introduction through the body to the conclusion. We convince the reader with evidence-based data on why we choose to argue for or against the topic of discussion.

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