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150+ Exploratory Easy Topics

150+ Exploratory Easy Topics

Exploratory Easy Topics

Writing exploratory essays is part of coursework in various courses. An exploratory essay mainly entails a particular problem and explores various solutions for the problem. In writing a good exploratory essay, you have to choose a good topic for your essay. This article has various exploratory easy topics you can choose from.

What is an exploratory essay? An exploratory essay is a type of essay that does not take one stance on a particular topic or problem, it describes various perspectives on that topic. Writing exploratory essay requires you to carry out exploratory research which is extensive research on a particular topic that is not clearly understood. For example, the psychological benefits of daily exercise. This answers the question, what is exploratory research?

How to write an exploratory essay

Below is the format of how to write an exploratory essay:

  1. Choose a good topic

When assigned an exploratory essay you may be assigned the topic or you may be required to choose the topic. If you are required to choose the topic you should choose a topic that you can explore especially on a particular issue. It can be based on various categories like health, business, culture, entertainment, politics, sports, technology, religion, or music and art.

Once you choose a particular category, you should narrow it down to a specific subject of the topic to avoid having a broad topic. For example, if you chose health you can focus on a particular issue in health like the effects of e-cigarettes. The topic of your choice should be an issue you are interested in hence writing the essay will be easier. After choosing the topic, you conduct research on it and write a research outline that you will use as a guide once you begin writing the essay.

  1. Write the introduction

The introduction of an exploratory essay states the problem you are exploring, why the problem is worth exploring, and briefly states various solutions to the problem that you will describe in-depth in the body of the essay. Always begin the introduction with a hook to attract the reader’s attention.

  1. Write the body

The body of an exploratory essay describes the topic in depth. It has various paragraphs and each paragraph explains a unique subtopic of the essay’s topic. The paragraphs should be well written where each paragraph should have a topic sentence that introduces the subtopic the paragraph will describe, a mid-sentence that gives evidence-based information about the subtopic, and a conclusion sentence that concludes the paragraph.

  1. Write the conclusion

The conclusion is the summary of the entire exploratory essay. You should briefly mention the problem you explored and the various solutions that you stated in the essay and mention if you still have questions on the problem you were exploring. You should not introduce new information on the topic in the conclusion. After writing the conclusion, write the references, proofread, and edit your exploratory essay.

Using the format above, you will be able to compose a good exploratory essay. The outcome of your essay mainly depends on whether you clearly understood the topic of your essay. When you choose a good exploratory essay topic and understand AP Lang Synthesis essay writing, you will compose a good exploratory essay.

Exploratory Easy Topics

Below are exploratory easy topics on different categories:

Exploratory topics on health

  1. Effects of daily exercise on mental health
  2. Ways to prevent caffeine addiction
  3. Effects of e-cigarettes on respiratory diseases
  4. Benefits of drinking a lot of water
  5. Ways to contain viral infections
  6. Ways to reduce health disparities
  7. How can you maintain a healthy weight?
  8. Relationship between winter and pneumonia
  9. Ways to overcome mental diseases
  10. How can obesity be prevented
  11. Why do parents refuse to vaccinate their children?
  12. How does proper nutrition prevent diseases?
  13. Ways to combat the spread of cholera
  14. Cause of inequalities in the healthcare system
  15. How does public health promote well-being?
  16. Should abortion be legal?
  17. Role of the informatic system in healthcare
  18. Limitations of over-counter medications
  19. Why do doctor-patient relationships matter
  20. Importance of a healthy sleeping routine

Family life exploratory topics

  1. How does technology influence family life?
  2. How to create a successful family life
  3. Ways to balance work and family life
  4. Effects of divorce on children’s mental health
  5. How does religion influence parenting?
  6. Ways of maintaining a good relationship with extended family
  7. How to have good communication skills among family members?
  8. Characteristics of a good parenting
  9. What is the most preferable age to start a family?
  10. How do parents influence the career path of their children?
  11. Ways to solve intergenerational conflicts among family members
  12. Why has surrogacy become popular?
  13. Impacts of family ties
  14. Ways to build family trust once it’s broken
  15. How effective is same-sex parenting?
  16. How parents can create good family values
  17. Challenges of raising a child as a single parent
  18. How does violence in the family affect the children?
  19. What is the most preferred parenting style?
  20. Does the birth order affect a person’s personality traits?

Sports exploratory topics

  1. Psychological benefits of participating in sports
  2. How to find the right sport for you
  3. How does sport enhance physical well-being?
  4. How does sport improve global unity?
  5. Benefits of training before a match
  6. Why parents should introduce sports to their children at an early age
  7. Should esports be categorized as sports?
  8. Ways an athlete maintains energy in their body
  9. Impact of coronavirus on sports
  10. Why should government support sporting activities?
  11. Benefits of sports in learning institutions
  12. How does technology affect sports?
  13. Ways to stop bullying in a sport team
  14. Is football only a man’s game?
  15. Challenges children face when they participate in any sport
  16. Why do Olympic athletes face psychological pressure?
  17. What makes a sport popular in a certain country?
  18. Functions of football academy clubs
  19. How has sports media influenced women’s sports?
  20. Between consistent practice and talent what matters the most in sports?

Business exploratory topics

  1. What are the common causes of business failure?
  2. How advertising influences a business
  3. Ways of enhancing the green supply chain
  4. Impact of marketing via social media
  5. How gas technology influenced adverting methods
  6. Benefits of having financial literacy before starting a business
  7. What is the function of the stock-market exchange?
  8. The ethics of government involvement in business
  9. How retailers can deal with seasonal demand
  10. Importance of corporate strategy
  11. Growth strategies for an entrepreneurial venture
  12. Environmental-oriented approach to consumer decision
  13. How does color affect the desire to buy?
  14. What are the businesses that are prospering in this century?
  15. Diversifying into a new industry
  16. Standardization in multinational enterprises
  17. Challenges of global marketing
  18. Possibility of bankruptcy in entrepreneurship
  19. The essence of opportunity cost
  20. Benefits of organizational culture
  21. Entrepreneurship in third-world countries
  22. Importance of different business processes
  23. Economic factors affecting businesses
  24. Effects of changes in a global business environment
  25. The value of logistic functions

Exploratory topics on world problems

  1. How can the government combat human trafficking?
  2. Impacts of political corruption on the country’s development
  3. Ways to reduce youth unemployment
  4. Effects of global warming
  5. Is obesity becoming a pandemic?
  6. Effects of soil erosion in the agricultural sector
  7. How has coronavirus impacted global trade
  8. Ways to curb plastic pollution
  9. Causes and effects of overfishing
  10. How the government can reduce violence in the society
  11. Ways to reduce hunger in third-world countries
  12. How the rate of homelessness be lowered globally?
  13. Impacts of smartphones on social relations
  14. How is the Russian-Ukraine war affecting the global economy?
  15. How does the UN help in solving world problems?
  16. Is China a global superpower?
  17. Is organ donation mandatory globally?
  18. Strategies for enhancing human rights
  19. What is the appropriate drinking age worldwide?
  20. Strategies to solve police brutality

Psychology exploratory topics

  1. Psychological effects of social isolation
  2. Aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy
  3. Belief systems in projecting the future
  4. Components of critical thinking
  5. Impacts of family counseling
  6. Psychological impact of immigration on immigrants
  7. Anxiety disorder treatment strategies
  8. Impact of communication on human development
  9. Ways of improving a person’s emotional intelligence
  10. Are breathing techniques effective methods to manage stress?
  11. Psychological benefits of a good sleeping pattern
  12. How does depression affect the nervous system?
  13. Treatment strategies for post-traumatic stress
  14. Attachment styles impact on personal development
  15. Why do some people lack a moral conscience?
  16. Development of various behavioral patterns
  17. Causes of antisocial behavior
  18. Positive and negative effects of antidepressant
  19. Strategies to cope with stigma
  20. Ways to prevent having the fear of missing out
  21. Effects of technology addiction
  22. Causes and treatment of adult depression
  23. Eating disorders in teenagers
  24. How drugs affect the brain
  25. Do people with narcissistic personality disorder change?

Exploratory topics on Education and schooling

  1. What are the best strategies to educate students?
  2. How has online learning impacted the education system
  3. Advantages of inclusive education
  4. Does the class size impact the quality of education?
  5. Is public school better than homeschooling?
  6. Why counseling is important in schools
  7. How has technology influenced the student’s learning
  8. Why is holistic education important?
  9. What is the most preferable age to start school?
  10. What is the benefit of reading ahead of the teacher?
  11. Effects of trans-knighting on your school performance
  12. How does a boarding school psychologically impact students?
  13. Impact of student motivation on their grades
  14. Strategies to reduce bullying in schools
  15. Benefits of remedial lessons on students’ performance?
  16. Does the weather impact school programs?
  17. Who is responsible for making a school calendar?
  18. Ways the government can make a college education affordable
  19. Appropriate strategies to prepare for examinations
  20. Should all students participate in curriculum activities?

Exploratory topics on technology

  1. Impact of 5G technology
  2. How does social media affect mental health?
  3. Impact of virtual reality on the society
  4. Is tidal power a renewable energy?
  5. Impact of artificial intelligence on employment
  6. How smartphones have led to poor family relations
  7. Ways to curb cyberbullying
  8. Effects of digital learning
  9. Functions of drone technology
  10. How do video games affect cognitive development?

From the above topics of exploratory essay, you have various exploratory research topics you can brainstorm and choose one that you can interpret and compose a good essay about it.

To sum up

As a student, writing exploratory essays can be challenging but not anymore. When you choose a topic that you clearly understand and are interested in, writing the essay becomes easier. This article has various exploratory easy topics you can choose from. If you need more help with your exploratory essay, we provide affordable essay writing help.

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