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Increased Risks of Falls in Older Adults

Increased Risks of Falls in Older Adults


Cases of falls among older patients are quite prevalent, (“Older Adult Falls Data | Home and Recreational Safety | CDC Injury Center,” 2020) states that most fall cases are usually from adults aged 65 above. This presentation’s primary goal is to address patient falls, which is a prevalent patient problem in hospital organizations. It will focus on five highlighted risk factors associated in causing increased fall rates among older adults. Additionally it answers the question why falls are prevalent to older adult patients.

                                                                            Medical Condition and Medicines

  The prevalence of falls among older adults relates to an increase in the rising of chronic illnesses. Examples of some of the conditions include depression, arthritis, chronic pulmonary disease and dementia. Each of the mentioned conditions has an increased rate of 32% in every fall experienced in fraternities. A diabetic patient is estimated to be most falls victim due to changes in their blood levels that cause them to feel dizzy and faint. Additionally diabetes affects the eyesight of individuals and also reduce feeling in their feet and legs. Older adults with dementia are less aware of their surroundings and thus less able to react to the environment.


  Intake of medicine such as benzodiazepine by older adults has a 32% associated risk of causing a hip fracture and night falls. However the use of four or more types of medications also increases fall risks among older adults. Evidence-base research shows that intake of drugs such as sedatives, anti-depressants, and psychotropic also contribute. Far from these medical procedures also cause falls, as they live the older adult patients weakly and dizzy. Primary care givers need to stay close to such patients (“Things that cause the elderly to fall,” 2020)

                                                                            Impaired Mobility and Gait

Older adults face a continuous prevalence of gait and balance disorders due to medication prescribed to patients. It often causes fatal injuries, loss of disability, and reduces an individuals quality of life and may include being unable to rise from a chair. Unsteady gait which is common in older adults refers to abnormality or unsteadiness in walking. It is affected by illnesses or dysfunction in joints, bones or blood vessels. Patients with this condition may require gait aid such as walkers or cane.

                                                                              Nutritional Deficiencies

According to (Esquivel 2017), fallers are twice likely to be malnourished and lack vitamin D, leading to muscle weakness and abnormal gait. Nutritional status is an essential key risk factor causing falls among older adults. Additionally older adult patients who are malnourished end up getting health-related issues that cause a decline in their quality life. Observations show that malnutrition parameters link to current injuries and falls. Adequate dietary protein intake also helps prevent falls in older adults by supplying them with body building nutrients.

Protein intake is also related to muscle loss estimated to occur after the age of 70; there is an approximate 15% muscle loss rate per decade. Maintain the correct needed muscle mass requires older adults to be given the right dietary plans in protein. Nutritionists have recommended at least 30g intake of food rich in proteins daily.

                                                    Environmental Hazards( Slippery floors and Poor Lightning)

Another prevailing issue is environments that are not well equipped for elderly patients,  Frith et al. (2019) noted that unsafe environment leads to high risks of falls. When older adults fall, it usually results from an interaction between them and the ground. Due to environmental factors, the estimated falls among older people have been rated to range from 50% to 20 %. It includes low lightning and slippery floors especially in older adults in nursing homes.

In the United States, falls among older patients is caused by stairs, bathroom floors, landings, and ramps. The bathroom and stairs prove to be a challenge to individuals in navigating through the pressure exerted by this environment. According to (Pighills et al., 2019), low lighting is another environment that can jeopardize older people’s safety. Older people depend on virtual information in terms of stability therefore lightning needs to be enhanced.


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