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Nursing career goals essay

Nursing career goals essay

Nursing career goals essay

Nursing career goals essay is an essay you write to join a nursing program describing your goals and the impact you want to make as a nurse. This essay should be well-written to ensure you stand out among any other applicants to the nursing program thus getting the opportunity to join it. This article gives you a guide on how to write a good nursing career goals essay.

You write a nursing career goals essay when you want to join a nursing program. You should describe the reasons why you choose to be a nurse, your goals, skills, academic qualifications, and the impact you want to make in the nursing industry. You can give unique experiences from your life that brought up your interest in nursing.

Things to do before writing your nursing career goals essay

Below are the things you should do before writing your nursing career goal essay:

a) Plan your essay

You should plan your essay before you start writing it. Identify the key things that you would like to include in your essay to make you stand out like your academic qualification, skills, values, and why you want to become a nurse. In addition, you should also plan on what type of a nurse you would like to become, you could be a bedside nurse, a non-bedside nurse or you will major in advanced nursing career.

When planning for your nursing career goal essay, you should think about the audience reading your essay, why you choose that nursing program, the personal characteristics that make you a competent nurse, if you qualify for the nursing program, the working environment you would prefer once you become a nurse, your career goals and why the nursing school should choose you to be one of their students. In addition, you can read nursing career goals essay examples to get a better understanding of how to write your essay.

b) Develop your nursing career goals

Before you write your career goals essay for nursing graduate school, you should develop your long and short-term goals. These are the goals that you want to achieve in your nursing career. For instance, your short-term goals can be developing good communication skills to effectively communicate with patients or advancing your knowledge in technology to ensure you can comprehend various innovations in nursing, your long-term goals could be getting an advanced degree in nursing or becoming a nurse leader.

c) Write an essay outline

An essay outline is a draft in which you note down the key points of your essay before writing it. In the essay outline, you write you’re a brief outline of what to write in your essay’s introduction, body, and conclusion. The essay outline can show you the parts that you need to improve before composing your essay and also if you missed any important information that you would like to include in your nursing career goals essay. In addition, always ensure you write your essay early to avoid last minute rush.

Nursing career goals essay format

Below is the format of a nursing career goals essay:

a) Write a good topic

The topic of your educational and career goals essay for nursing should be unique and interesting. Be creative with your topic since it first thing the administration board reads in your essay. You should avoid writing a too long or complex topic. A good nursing career goals essay topic could be ‘How I realized nursing career is my destiny’. Most preferably write your topic as a question with the use of why, where, how, or when.

b) Write an interesting introduction

You should write an interesting introduction that catches the attention of the reader. In the introduction, you should state your unique experience that brought your interest in the nursing career. You should also describe what makes a good candidate for the nursing program by stating your skills, values, and academic qualifications. Always ensure your introduction is well-written since it determines if the administration board reads your entire essay.

c) Write the body

In the body of your nursing career goals essay, you describe why you choose to be a nurse in detail, why you are the right candidate for the nursing program, and your nursing career goals. You should personalize your essay by describing an experience from your life. In addition, clearly state your long and short-term goals once you become a nurse.

d) Write the conclusion

The conclusion should include a summary of your accomplishments and skills. It is usually remembered by your audience the most because it is the last section they read. You should also state the impact you would make if qualified for the nursing program. Finally, write a memorable statement or question as the last sentence of your essay.

e) Proofread your essay

Once you have completed your career goals essay nursing, proofread it several times to remove any mistakes. You can give your friend or an English expert to read it and correct you on areas that need improvements. You can submit your nursing career goals essay once you have done all the corrections and you are confident with it.

Tips for writing a good nursing career goals essay

Using nursing career goals essay tips, you will be able to write a good nursing career goals essay. Below are the tips for writing a good nursing career goals essay:

a) Personalize your essay

When writing your nursing career goals essay, you should personalize your work by giving your unique experiences from your life. The admission board is interested in your personal nursing career goals hence be authentic with your work. Giving your personal experience on why you want to become a nurse shows the admission board how passionate you are about joining the nursing program.

b) Be honest and utilize your individual voice

When giving examples from your life be honest even if the experience did not turn out as you expected. You should also be honest about your skills and academic qualifications. In addition, always utilize your individual voice by being creative in your writing and avoiding complex vocabulary.

c) Follow all the instructions

When writing your nursing career goal essay, you should follow all the instructions for the application to the nursing program. You should ensure you meet all the requirements to qualify as a candidate. When you start writing your essay adhere to the word count and avoid plagiarism. A plagiarized essay can be easily identified and it immediately disqualifies your application. Always ensure your nursing career goals essay is interesting and unique.

Career goals essay sample nursing

Below is a career goals essay sample in nursing

How I realized a nursing career is my destiny

I am delighted to write this letter to apply for an opportunity at Harvard Nursing School. Since I was a child, I have always loved to be a nurse, it feels like my destiny. I am an empathetic person and I always want to help those in need. I recently graduated from high school and I performed well in all science-related subjects.

When I was 15 years old, I got admitted to the hospital for a week because I was ailing from malaria. The nurse assigned to me was very kind and she took good care of me until I got my health back. This experience increased my interest in the nursing career. I would like to become a nurse so I can help another 15-year-old and many other people get their health back.

My short-term goal is to learn proper communication skills so I can communicate with my patients efficiently and also to improve my expertise in technology so I can be able to use various technological innovations in the health industry. My long-term goal is to become a nurse leader one day hence I will get a master’s degree in nursing. In the future, I will also do a Ph.D. and use my knowledge to provide the best care to patients.

I have won several awards for being the best student in biology and anatomy tests. Getting admitted to Harvard nursing school will be my dream come true and once I become a licensed nurse, I will be able to help so many people in pain or with chronic diseases get their health back. Joining this nursing program is not just for me, it is for every sick person out there who needs help.

This is a brief nursing career goals essay sample. Your nursing career goals essay should be about 500-100 words depending on the word count instructed to use for the application.

In summary

Writing a nursing career goals essay is vital for your application to a nursing program. You can use this article as a guide when writing your nursing career goals essay. If you need help with your nursing career goals essay, we provide cost-friendly essay writing help at all times.

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