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Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Strategies for Academic Portfolios


Nursing Portfolios

Nursing portfolios refer to a collection of documents that show all the academic, professional qualifications, achievements, and skills of a nurse. The portfolios are quite essential for the potential employers to utilize them as they seek first impressions of potential nursing candidates. The nursing portfolio shows the employers who one really is and is a basis for assessing potential candidates. It gives the employers a glimpse of who the candidate is, how deserving they are of a post, and what they can offer if given an opportunity. According to Burns (2018), nursing students and graduates should always strive to keep their nursing portfolios appealing to employers by utilizing strategies to develop an attractive and compelling portfolio. E-portfolios have grown as a new innovative and transformative method of keeping one’s academic and professional qualifications and attainment. Below is a review of some of the strategies one can pursue in developing portfolio elements that focus on academic achievements.

Strategies for Developing a Pursing Portfolio

As Burns (2018) suggests, it is essential to develop an appealing and organized nursing professional portfolio. Moreover, one can ensure that they highlight their achievements and significant milestones in the portfolios. This is by highlighting the qualifications, research projects, training, and leadership competencies they have accrued. The most crucial thing is drafting the portfolio in such a manner that the academic qualifications are visible and easily readable. Besides, a professional nursing portfolio seems to be appealing when the academic achievements and milestones are written chronologically.

Moreover, another strategy that may be employed to make the portfolios appealing is enhancing their visual appeal. Embedding images in the portfolio will surely ply a key role in attracting potential employers. Besides, an individual’s professional portfolio must contain documentation of all works published or the ones you have partnered with. For instance, the academic part will be enhanced if you include the various evidence-based practice case studies you have participated in. They show that one’s very competitive and has experience and expertise in the field. Most crucially, the portfolio should entail an evaluation of an individual and also update the growth and development portfolio.

Review of E-portfolios

As postulated by Hannans & Olivo (2017), one way of keeping the nursing portfolios is by using an e-portfolio. An e-portfolio is a digital, online, innovative representation of a nurse’s professional and academic qualifications. In the current age, nurses should make good use of the e-portfolios, for they are a transformational reliable, and effective way of crafting a positive digital nursing identity. As explored by Leahy & Filiatrault (2017), employers in today’s digital age rely on the e-portfolios to check the candidates’ qualifications and select top nursing talent for employment.

In conclusion, a professional nursing portfolio is an essential tool for nursing students and continuing practitioners. As one advances and develops in the career, it is quite beneficial to ensure that one keeps developing and updating their nursing portfolios. The strategies to enhance the portfolios include ensuring that you include all your academic qualifications chronologically in an appealing manner to the employers. Mainly, nurses may use an e-portfolio for easily keep8ing their experiences and achievements in one place. E-portfolios are an innovative way of advertising yourself to the employers and keeping a digital account of your nursing academic qualifications, training, experiences, skills, and competencies.


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Post an explanation of at least two strategies for including academic activities and accomplishments into your professional portfolio. APA 7th edition

To Prepare:

  • Reflect on strategies that you can pursue in developing portfolios or portfolio elements that focus on academic achievements.
  • Review one or more samples from your own research of resources focused on portfolio development.

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